Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 06 Oct 2022 20:23:31 +0530 en-us detergent liquid soap Fri, 08 Oct 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sri Vijay Chemical is the best detergent liquid soap supplier in Tamil Nadu. Washing clothes is a daily task for most people. It doesn’t have to be a painful one, and we’ve made sure of that for you. Different types of detergents are available in the market such as detergent powder, liquid detergent, etc. Among all these available products our liquid detergent soap is the best thing for us.   Liquid detergent dissolves more easily either in cold or hot water and washes away without leaving behind the pesky residue that powders do. We are the best detergent manufacturer in India. Using a liquid detergent of our company does have a host of other benefits as well, and here they are as follows.   Advantages Of Using Liquid Detergents Here are the benefits of using liquid detergent:   Easy to Use When it comes to any detergent, you need to use a certain amount in a designated area of your washing machine. Please read the user manual for directions on where to pour your detergent.   Using liquid detergent makes the task of pouring out a fixed amount a lot easier when compared to using a spoon or two of detergent powder. What makes liquid detergents of our company even more convenient is they do not come in large boxes like powder detergents which are difficult and heavy to carry around. A simple easy-carry bottle is all you need, and most of them include a measuring cup as well. This makes measuring and pouring specific amounts much easier and more exact.   Dissolve Quickly   When you use a liquid detergent, you can be sure that it will dissolve in the water. It is also a lot easier to scrub your clothes using a liquid detergent than using soap.   Choose us and get our products as we are one of the top laundry detergent liquid manufacturers.   Dish Wash Liquid Fri, 08 Oct 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Are you looking for the best dishwash liquid suppliers in Coimbatore? Dishwash Liquid is one of the most adaptable staples in your household. Our company Sri Vijay Chemical based in Tamil Nadu is the best place to get dishwash liquid. The dishwash that we provide you with is mild and can be frequently used as a household cleaner than other harsh chemicals. That is why it can be a great alternative to other harsh cleaners that are available in the market and can be used for many purposes that don’t involve any dishes. Following are some more uses of dishwashing liquid that will help you in plenty of works that one has to do in a household. Clean Your Furniture A dishwashing liquid of our company functions well on countertops, window sills and other types of surfaces like glass and plastic. Add a small bit of the liquid to a spray bottle filled with warm water, to cleanse away the dirt and grime. Next, wipe over the soapy surface with a well-wrung cloth and allow the surface to dry naturally. Degreasing kitchen appliances Appliances in the kitchen require regular cleaning, as they are subject to the build-up of sticky grease and stains from cooking. Appliances such as ovens, toasters, blenders, refrigerators and griddles will benefit from the mild and friendly cleansing power of the dishwashing liquid. Therefore choose us and get our products as we are the best dishwash liquid exporter. Hand Wash Liquid Fri, 08 Oct 2021 00:00:00 +0530 If you are looking for a hand wash liquid supplier in India, you are in the right place. Our company Sri Vijay Chemical manufactures and supplies good quality hand wash liquid soap to customers all around the globe. Hand washing is one of the most important things that people should do. Using hand wash liquid is better than soap because it is no touched by other people. This is the correct way to wash your hands. Some of the benefits of using hand wash soaps and washing your hands at regular intervals are: Create A Safer Environment For People The nature of many kinds of medical ways is very gentle. It usually deals with exposed inner organs or passing drugs into the body. So in these specific cases, Hand Washing has to be taken seriously because harmful bacteria can simply grow into our bodies to cause more harm. The hand wash that we provide to our customers are of good quality and are certified. It kills bacteria and viruses and keeps you safe from germs that cause various ailments. Preventions Diarrhoea and Intestinal Diseases Contact with faecal matter laden with the relevant bacteria can clue to diarrhoea and intestinal illnesses. Fixed washing of the hands using the hand wash liquid of our company will eliminate this faecal matter and bacteria from our hands even when we have contacted them from other people. Therefore choose us and get our products as we are the best hand wash liquid Wholesalers in Tamil Nadu. Floor Cleaner Fri, 08 Oct 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sri Vijay Chemical is renowned and trusted Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Manufacturers based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We offer our customers premium quality floor cleaning products. These chemical-based floor cleaners are favoured and used by many different industrial and household purposes because of the benefits they offer. We have both acidic and alkaline-based cleaning products. This custom selection of chemicals offers an added value to the floor cleaning products which are available in liquid or powder form. Below you will find some of the benefits of using premium quality floor cleaning products of our company. Minimum Downtime Our company floor cleaners help clean stubborn stains in a time-efficient manner. They can achieve quality cleaning results in such short periods because they have grease-cutting chemicals present in them. These cleaning products are either acid-based or alkaline-based, but their primary function is to cut the permanent marks of stains in a matter of a few seconds. Simplified Cleaning Sri Vijay Chemical floor cleaners are quality assured. These cleaner solutions can be spread over oily and dirty floors for a couple of minutes before they are rinsed with water. With the right products, you can be sure to leave yourself with a clean working environment at the end of the day. Without waiting any longer order our products as we are the best floor cleaner Manufacturers in India. Toilet Cleaner Fri, 08 Oct 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Sri Vijay Chemical is the best House Cleaning Products Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, India. Cleaning products play an essential role in our daily lives at home, in school and the office. By safely and effectively removing soils, germs and other contaminants, they prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control allergens, such as dust and mould, helping us to stay healthy. Cleaning products also enable us to care for our homes and possessions. Chemicals used for cleaning and in cleaning products, such as laundry detergents, bleaches, dishwashing products and other household cleaners, help improve cleaning efficiency, making homes, offices and other environments both easier to clean and more hygienic. Uses And Benefits Household cleaning products containing antibacterial cleaner not only remove dirt and soil but also can kill the germs that may cause illness. Our cleaning products help protect against seasonal flu outbreaks and episodes of foodborne illness. Day-care centres, hospitals, restaurants and other public facilities rely upon the disinfectant qualities of chlorine-based cleaners to keep the environment germ-free. Therefore choose us and get our products today. We are the best house cleaning products suppliers in the country today. Our products are certified and provides you with a safer and better environment to live in. Order our products in your required quantity and get them delivered to your doorstep.